Ballet Program   

Directed by: Allison Robles

Our Ballet Program is developed to cultivate young dancers inner artist. We are determined to enhance the dancers overall Mind & Body strength. Meanwhile instilling the proper ballet technique and tools to become an overall artist!

We have a program for all levels and ages.

For our little twinkle toes who dream in a tutu and for our dedicated dancers striving to be a professional.

Select dancers will have the opportunity to train to attend top ballet COMPETITIONS and FESTIVALS around the world.

ALL dancers are required to take a FREE placement class to be assigned a level.  

A Look Into Some of our Dancers

Photos by: Scherer Ouporov

Weekly Schedule

2020-2021 Season - Schedule Is To Be Determined 


Enrollment Fee







Call to seek pricing

Classes Per Wk

Per Month

1 Class


2 Classes


3 Classes


4 Classes


5 Classes


6 Classes


7 Classes


Unlimited Evening Program 


1 - 7 Class Package Includes:

‣ 25% Discount on Workshops

‣ 15% Discount on Weekend Master Classes

Unlimited Packages Includes:

‣ Access to ALL Group Classes of Dancers Level

‣ 50% Discount on Workshops

‣ 25% Discount on Weekend Master Classes

‣ 1 Competition Rehearsal Per Week

Competition Team

(Minimum 4 Classes Per Week)

1 Rehearsal Per Week = $50/month

2 Rehearsals Per Week = $100/month

3 Rehearsals Per Week = $125/month